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SharePoint On-Premises 2016 - in progress

SharePoint On-Premises lives on With Microsoft investing so much in their Cloud products whether that’s Office 365 or Microsoft Azure, many have thought that time had been called for the On-Premises version of SharePoint. Well that time is never going to come I don't think– not after 15 years! So the next version of SharePoint that we’re shipping in later 2015 will in fact not be the last version of SharePoint server that we ever ship. Sure we’ll see features and changes to these Cloud products more often specially Office 365, long before we see them On-Premises. We might not see some features at all but Bill said, “Microsoft will continue to develop in On-Premises for as long as there is demand for it”. SharePoint 2016 is not going to be the last. We are going to continue to ship SharePoint server on-premises as long as there is a demand for SharePoint server on-premises! Not only that but SharePoint 2016 will ship towards the end of 2015. In late 2015 we are going to launch another version of SharePoint server to our on-premises audience.


SharePoint 2016 highlights On top of the On-Premises news, Bill also demonstrated features from the next version of SharePoint – SharePoint 2016. Here are some highlights from the presemntaiton: The close integration with Yammer was clear once again and more Office Graph functionality seemed to be visible since the demonstration during the SharePoint Conference 2014. We also learned about Remote Index. This will make it possible push On-Premises Search Indexes to Office 365 to provide a single search experience and result set. A unified search index in Office 365 along with Office Graph will create an awesome experience for end-users. Outlook is the first program that many of us launch on a typical working day yet we have many other sources of information. Expect to see changes to Outlook that will help us access this information and deliver more than just email to us. A further change to Outlook and SharePoint 2016 that we’ll see in the next version is the removal of email attachments as we know them with the help of OneDrive for Business. Users will continue attach files to their emails but they’ll be saved to their OneDrive for Business Document Library and shared with all to, cc and bcc addresses via a URL in the email. This is a really exciting change and I look forward to discovering more about soon. The net result is users will have continuous access to the latest files and canuse features such as Co-Authoring.


SharePoint Site folders coming to SharePoint 2016 22 April 2014 Leave a comment This post is part of SP14 Keynote highlights series where I provide some highlights of the next version of SharePoint. These highlight are from the SP24 Conference Keynote that Bill Baer delivered. SharePoint Site Folders How many occasions have you tried to access a document in SharePoint, but end up having to click through a long set of links to find it because you can’t remember the URL? OK, this is not an everyday issue, but we do use SharePoint to store documents and we use SharePoint sites to create contextual containers to store documents in. In someways these SharePoint sites slow us down from accessing documents harder. In the next version of SharePoint (SharePoint 2016) we might find a new method to access Document Libraries called Site Folders. Site Folders will provide a list of all Sites that we have access to that contain Document Libraries (a.k.a Site Folders or Site Libraries) and will be available from OneDrive for Business. Site Folders coming to SharePoint 2016.Site Folders coming to SharePoint 2016. Users will be able to click-through into individual Sites from the Site Folders page to easily discover Document Libraries each site contains. Libraries visible through the Site Folders area coming to SharePointLibraries visible through the new Site Folders area coming to SharePoint 2016. I wonder how this will impact how with architect document management solutions. Search is becoming more and more powerful that we are shifting to an era where Information Architecture and Taxonomies become less relevant (or maybe more relevant behind the scenes), time will tell! I have an idea what Microsoft are trying to do here, watch this space as I’ll provide my own mock-up and example soon.


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  • John Barker Reply

    So this is version will be on selfs in late 2015. Does the architecture look different thatn the current 2013 version..

    October 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm
    • James Morrison Reply

      Will this also time out to be releadsed with a new office verison..

      October 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm
    • Susan Howell Reply

      Should SharePoint users start planning now?.

      October 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm
  • Jim Odom Reply

    Planning is something we always advise our customers but I think it's a little to early to put this version in the planning que - but it's going to impact the up-grade strategies thta most companies look at from and delivery and cost perspective..

    October 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm
  • Jim Odom Reply

    More good news to follow - stay tune!!!.

    October 1, 2014 at 1:38 pm

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